About us: What's in a Name?

Our search for the perfect cup started with research into the life cycle of the coffee itself.  In becoming students of this magical drink we uncovered the journey of the coffee bean from cultivation to shipping to roasting to brewing to drinking.  Our research took us all over the world.

And now, through LoafCoffee.com, we bring you the finest blends, single origins, espressos and specialty coffees available from across the entire global coffee belt.  (Keep checking back with us because our inventory is always growing.)

We've often heard people refer to coffee (or caffeine) as their drug of choice.  And given that coffee undergoes the same type of life cycle and journey as many "enhancing substances" from around the world, we thought it would be funny to name our company Loaf Coffee.  Loaf is a slang term for marijuana. In our case, "Loaf" also refers to the look of a wrapped package of contraband.  (An example of this can be seen in our logo, wrapped in ribbon and sealed in wax.)  After all, coffee comes from all over the world and its growing, processing, packing, shipping and brewing is all very important to its taste, potency and shelf life...just like contraband.

Most coffee shops, distributors and roasters only offer you their specific line of blends based on their particular suppliers, farmers or local market.  We, however, have relationships with suppliers and artisan roasters across the entire U.S. to bring you the best of their best, including award winning coffees, regional specialties and limited production roasts.  We can even offer custom blends and roasts that are unique to Loaf Coffee, found no where else in the world.

We realized that most commercially available coffees just aren't good.  So what do you do?  You add all sorts of creams: whole, half, whipped, dairy, non-dairy, flavored, unflavored. These days people even put grass-fed butter in their coffee. (Actually that last one isn't so bad.  We recommend you try it.)  And then you add sweeteners: artificial, natural, white sugar, brown sugar, pink and yellow sugar.  The list goes on.  Pretty soon your coffee doesn't even taste like coffee.  You've mixed in so many additives because, ironically, you're trying to cover up the taste of the coffee.  We knew there had to be a better way to enjoy our favorite beverage. 

We wanted to find coffees that didn't just taste good, but that actually made you FEEL good.  Coffee that makes you want to go back for another cup.  Coffee that makes you want to tell all your friends.  Sound familiar?  That's right.  We wanted coffee that was so good it felt like it was practically illegal.  

From all these ideas and concepts came the name for Loaf Coffee.   

Though the name of our company is rooted in humor, the products we offer are seriously good.  In fact, as stated above, they are the best of the best; a collection of the finest, premium beans from farms and roasters across the globe.  

Playing off the name "Loaf" also gave birth to our slogan, "Let us take you higher" which, among other things, refers to the following:

  • Higher standards - set by certifying organizations and practiced by farmers around the world and local roasters in the U.S.
  • Higher quality - we choose only the finest coffees from around the world.
  • Higher expectations - you know you can expect the finest coffee experience from Loaf Coffee.

We are actively gathering the best coffees from far way places and bringing them to you through Loaf Coffee.  We do the research and work so you don't have to.  All you have to do is click and enjoy.

Sit back and revel in a Higher Experience.  Live High, Drink High.  Live the Loaf Life.